Perfect Professionals Consultancy

Perfect Professionals Consultancy established in 2005, which having 2 wings – a complete nursing solution & Gyan’s Academy.

Complete Nursing Solution is a comprehensive solution assists internationally educated nurses in obtaining registered nurse licenses in Canada, USA, and Australia. We provide documentation support to establish eligibility and educational support to prepare for licensing exams such as NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN, CPNRE , REx-PN, and more.

Gyan's Academy is an e-learning platform designed for hospital employees, including nurses and nursing students. Our platform focuses on providing in-service education, training, and development to enhance clinical skills. These offerings meet accreditation requirements such as MCI audits, NACC, NABH, and JCI accreditation.

Gyan's Academy not only enhances your professional knowledge and skills, but also provides assistance in career guidance and excellent services to help you secure employment with world-class employers.

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