March 30 – 2024 – NCLEX Practice Question

NCLEX Practice Question

March 30 – 2024


A female patient with atrial fibrillation has the following lab results: Hemoglobin of 11 g/dl, a platelet count of 150,000, an INR of 2.5, and potassium of 2.7 mEq/L. Which result is critical and should be reported to the physician immediately?

Hemoglobin 11 g/dl
Platelet of 150,000
INR of 2.5
Potassium of 2.7 mEq/L
  • Hemoglobin 11 g/dl
  • This is below normal, but a normal female hemoglobin is 12-14. There is a more critical lab result.
  • Platelet of 150,000
  • This is also below the normal values, but is not the most critical lab result.
  • INR of 2.5
  • This is a therapeutic range for a patient who is taking an anticoagulant for atrial fibrillation
  • Potassium of 2.7 mEq/L
  • CORRECT – A potassium imbalance for a patient with a history of dysrhythmia can be life-threatening and can lead to cardiac distress.

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